Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Comics Spotlight's Michael Solof, who regularly contributes his comic convention photography to Gemstone Publishing's Scoop, attended the New York Comic-Con for this blog (and, well, for his unending quest to get all of his comic books autographed). He's seen at right with Sgt. Rock writer-artist Billy Tucci, who is also known as the creator of Shi. That's Mike, left, with Billy, right.

Mike reported that no animals were harmed in the making of this blog entry, at least as long as one doesn't count Billy. Good thing, that. He took a lot of shots that will end up in this week's edition of Scoop in the "Main Event" section. We have just a few here, and we'll have some more later once he finishes going through them.

Alex Saviuk (left), the longtime Web of Spider-Man artist, inker of the Amazing Spider-Man daily and artist on the Amazing Spider-Man Sunday strip, will be one of our upcoming "20 Questions With... " subjects. He's one of the really good guys in the business and actually got to work with Will Eisner on the grand master's final Spirit story (something we'll definitely touch on in the interview).

Last but certainly not least, Amanda Conner tells our first interview subject, Jimmy Palmiotti, for the Nth time to stop wiggling the table. More from Mike soon. We'll post a link to Scoop when it's published.

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