Thursday, February 12, 2009


Our official Comics Spotlight photographer Michael Solof just filed these photos, along with his usual unusual observations. You'll have to trust me on the translations...

Longtime X-Men scribe Chris Clarmont looks like he's either in desperate need of the cup from Starbucks in his hand or he's in equally desperate need of someone taking it away from him...if they dare.

Walter Simonson, one of our favorite creators and someone who usually seems to be smiling, was another of the creators on hand at last weekend's fourth New York Comic-Con (February 6-8, 2009) at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Another of our favorite artists at the show was Justice League / Avengers maestro George Perez, who most recently has been seen on DC's Legion of Three Worlds tie-in to Final Crisis. It's great to see George out on the convention circut again! He hasn't appeared at many shows since the cover of JLA/Avengers #3 almost killed him.

Artist Billy Tucci and sculptor Clayburn Moore unveiled the unpainted prototype of Callie from Return to Wonderland based on one of Billy's covers. Clay, for his part, sculpted the first statue ever done of Billy's character Shi, a long-ago sold-out piece that remains a favorite among Billy's fans. Clay also has about a zillion other projects in the works, so if you get a chance to see his table at a convention near you, do so.

DC Comics' Heather Einhorn was someone new (well, new to us, okay?) at the show.

By the way, the DC booth was crowded about 134% of the time during show hours. Even with the larger crowd at this year's convention, the number of fans lurking about or even lining up right in the open for all to see was downright impressive.

While we didn't see him at that booth, Mike did run into David Michael Beck, who's currently doing a stint on DC's Jonah Hex. Each time he does Hex it's a fantastic, detailed, powerful trip into the old west...and DMB ties in directly to Mike's next subject.

Vincent "Vinvent" Spencer is the artist of Zombie-Proof, and Mr. Beck did a fantastic cover for Zombie-Proof #3. Mike caught Vincent unaware at dinner, but he assures us that all is fair in convention photography. Is that true? Is there actual legal precedent for that? If you know, fill us in.

Mike's last subject was a rather glazed-over looking (another convention norm) Michael Imperiolli, late of The Sopranos and Law & Order and now starring in Life on Mars, for which he sports the 1970s look.

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