Sunday, January 25, 2009


Back in 2002, several of us got together and put out a short-lived magazine about comic books, Comics Spotlight. While the magazine only lasted a few short issues, our love of the medium, what it's been and what it can be, has never changed. That's why we're starting this blog.

There are a lot of places to get industry news on a very timely basis, and we're not going to try to compete with them. We have neither the manpower nor the inclination to do a better job than they do at that sort of thing. There's also at least one terrific site that covers the collectibles market -- two of us work on it -- and we're not going that direction either.

The area in which we believe there's room for -- no, a real need for -- is stronger feature writing and more insightful, less marketing-focused interviews. We want to get into what makes creators create, how they work, and what they were thinking at critical moments in their careers. We're hoping this will become a real resource for other creators and for serious fans of comic books, graphic novels or whatever you want to call them.

We'll have new interviews posted each week and we hope to also have our reviews up and running soon. Let us know what you think.

-- J.C. Vaughn, Contributing Editor

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